Compassionate Veterinary Care

Welcome to the website for Ottawa Valley Veterinary Professional Corporation, a group of veterinary practices based in Winchester, Ontario.


Special care is taken with every patient to make sure that they are monitored properly throughout their procedure.  Heart rate, breathing, depth of anesthesia, circulation and temperature are constantly taken by a registered veterinary technician.  Pulse oximetry is used to double check heart rate as well as monitor the amount of oxygen the patient is receiving. A catheter is placed in order to have access to the blood supply in case of concerns with the patient.  Fluids are given to patients in order to maintain the animal’s blood pressure.  Blood pressure is monitored throughout surgery.  Post operative monitoring is just as vital as during the procedure.  Again the heart, lungs, temperature, circulation and return of muscle tone and movement are assessed to follow speed of recovery as well as to check for signs of discomfort which then can be supported.


Balanced anesthesia objectives are to calm the patient, minimize pain and reduce the potential for adverse affects with analgesics and anesthetics.  Anesthesia always entails a certain amount of risk.  Balanced anesthesia allows veterinarians to minimize this risk while maximizing patient comfort and safety. Calming our patients allows for easier handling and therefore increased safety for the pet.  This also lowers stress which can increase the chance of  anesthetic complications as well as increasing the sensitivity of pain receptors. Analgesics are used to lower pain which can delay healing and decrease appetite. The object is to stop the pain before it starts. Every animal is assessed individually and a proper anesthetic and analgesic protocol is prepared for that particular patient.


Pain is individual.  Every animal experiences things differently and every procedure is also different in every individual.  In order to prevent or control pain,  various methods are available from local anesthetic agents, sedatives, pain patches, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, steroids, nutraceuticals and holistic alternatives.  From a surgical point of view, preventing pain before it starts is the optimal choice and will speed healing.  A combination of agents can be used specific to the individual patient and procedure in order to produce the best control possible.